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Proline Mobile allows you to check the current Proline odds in an easily readable format on your mobile device.  You then must go to your local lottery retailer to play Proline the old fashioned way.

Why just check the odds on your mobile device when you can get mobile odds and place bets directly with your mobile device with highly reputable, completely legal and regulated sports betting services?  It's so easy to play with online Canadian Dollar sportsbooks and they offer odds or payouts that can pay 40% to 80% more than Proline for the exact same picks.

Higher payouts, more convenient and as secure as online banking.  Why are you still playing the old fashioned way again with Proline mobile odds?  

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On November 22, 2012 I compared the payouts offered by Proline and a top online sportsbook.  I went to the Proline site and created a "Point Spread" ticket, and an "Over/Under" ticket and compared them to equivalent sportsbook betting tickets. Here are the amazing results:

For the "Point Spread" Proline ticket, we picked a two game parlay.  Regardless of what teams we picked, we were given 2 to 1 odds.  With a $20 wager, the potential payout was $40.  Picking the same two teams from the sportsbook (Oakland +8.5 and Tennessee -3.5), we were given odds of 3.64 to 1.  For the exact same $20 wager, we would pocket $72.80 or 83% more (over $32 more) by using an online sportsbook.

For the "Over/Under" ticket, we picked three “Overs” for Buffalo vs. Indianapolis, Oakland vs. Cincinnati and Denver vs. Kansas City.  With our $20 stake, the combined odds for the Proline "Over/Under" ticket were 4.35 for a total potential payout of $20 X 4.35 = $87.00.  When we made the EXACT same ticket at the online sportsbook, we got odds of 6.96 & a potential payout of $20 X 6.96 = $139.20.  For the exact same $20 wager, our potential payout was 60% higher ($52.20 more) by playing with a sports betting site.

The numbers don't lie.  As a Canadian, you're securely banking & shopping online because it saves time & money.  So why would you continue betting like it's 1993 with Proline when you can win 40% to over 80% more for your money, faster with an online sportsbook?  See our blog updates at right for the most current Proline vs. Sportsbook payout comparisons.

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